Interior Plants Pack 01


Interior Plants Pack 01

48 3D models of scanned plants of 8 different species
168 Textures 4K
14 Scanned pots
13 Hand-modeled flower pots
6 Additional decorative 3D Models
Available for V-Ray 5, V-Ray NEXT, Corona 7 and OBJ

Today, with the evolution of rendering engines and capture techniques, both for materials and geometric scanning, we can find high-quality 3D models and materials on the market. However, realistic vegetation remains a challenge in 3D due to the natural complexity of plants and some limitations of capture methods.

We have dedicated more than a year of R&D trying to provide a high quality solution for all those who seek the highest level of photorealism in the development of their 3D projects. This first vegetation pack is the synthesis of our work. In it you can find scanned 3D indoor plants that stand out for their high degree of realism, a standardized PBR material system to work in any project and circumstance and a simple structure so that they do not imply an overload of resources.




Available for V-Ray 5, V-Ray NEXT, Corona 7 and OBJ

Rar 3,37 GB

Size 14 GB